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Tilly's Christmas Morning
21 December 2012

Tilly's Christmas Morning


Christmas morning chez Bagshawe starts early, usually around 5am, with the arrival of Father Christmas. Not for us the lazy stocking left on the end of the bed. Oh no. The great man always appears in person, sleepy children awoken by the sound of bells as he comes up the stairs in full fig and asks if they’ve been good. Once FC’s gone on his way, stockings are opened and toys played with until breakfast.  

Then it’s carols and mass in the village, followed by games and a Christmas quiz at home by the fire while the cook (me this year, God help us) gets cracking in the kitchen. Lunch is a highlight for the adults but a definite lowlight for the children, who must wait until the last pudding bowl is cleared before present opening round the tree. In America, children wake up and tear open their presents right away, which makes the rest of the day such a let-down. For me Christmas morning is all about excitement and anticipation, and it always starts with that magical sound of sleigh bells in the dark… Merry Christmas everyone!