Angel of the Dark

When Danny McGuire found Andrew Jakes brutally murdered, the crime haunted him. Who had done it? And why had the killer left his young wife alive?

McGuire’s interest became a ten year obsession that cost him his job, but eventually he was able to let go and move to France. When Matt Daley, estranged son of Andrew Jakes, comes to McGuire and tells him he has shocking new evidence, the detective decides to go on the hunt once more.

Together, they will travel the globe, uncovering fresh new evidence and frustrating dead ends; all the while closing the net on a killer who seems one step ahead of the law and kills without mercy.

Full of glamour, excitement and spectacular twists that build to a shocking finale, Angel of the Dark is quintessential Sheldon, based on his own notes.


‘Suspense could hardly be greater’ Daily Telegraph

‘A master storyteller’ Daily Mail

‘What a pleasure to have Papa’s books live on through Tilly Bagshawe. How he would have delighted in her plot twists and characters. And she’s young and beautiful to boot – a Sidney Sheldon heroine come to life!’ Mary Sheldon

‘She seemed to catch that inner voice… she was one of his characters. I could feel Sidney smiling down on me, saying “this is perfect”.’ Alexandra Sheldon