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17 September 2012

Tilly answers your burning questions

Tilly answers your burning questions – read a Q&A with Tilly here.

1. What can you tell our readers about your new novel Friends and Rivals

The book is about two old friends who become rivals in the music business as well as romantically.  It’s about ambition, envy and sexual betrayal, and it’s set between London, LA and the Cotswolds.

2. Where did your inspiration come from for the novel?

It came from a lot of different places.  The book is partly set in and around Burford in the Cotswolds, where I spent idyllic summers and Christmases as a child.  Other parts are set in LA and London, the two cities where I have spent most of my adult life.  My sister recently married a rock band manager from New York, so that’s probably what gave me the idea to use the music industry as a backdrop for Friends & Rivals.

3. How much of an influence did your sister have in your change in career, given that she was also a novelist?

My sister has been a huge influence.  She is such a go-getting, can-do person, and she gave me immense support and encouragement from the start.  I would certainly not be a novelist today had it not been for Louise.

4. What is next in store for your fans?

I am actually very excited as I’m about to start a new series of books, set in a fictional English village in the South Downs.  This is something I have thought about and wanted to write for about ten years, so it’s a wonderful new chapter for me.   Expect lots of sex, glamour and intrigue amidst the Agas and rolling hills!  Swell Valley here we come

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